My Current Projects

So, for my first post here, I will give you an idea of some of what I am working on.

First of all, I am primarily a fantasy writer.  There isn’t that much else that I really enjoy reading outside of fantasy, and that is pretty much all I care to write.  I do have one or two projects in mind (some time down the road still) that will be outside of the fantasy genre, but those are currently ideas and are still some ways away from fruition.

Well, I am currently concentrating on two specific stories.

For Through a Dragon’s Eyes, I have finished the first draft and am working on editing.  It is the first story that I have actually ever managed to finish a draft for.  I’ve done a lot of work on a lot of different books, but it would seem that the hardest part, for me at least, is getting through the climax to end a book.  This one is the first one in which I managed to get over that little hump.

Well, Through a Dragon’s Eyes is, more or less, what it sounds like; a story told through the eyes of a dragon.  I begin with my dragon’s hatching, then follow him through his youth as he learns all of the stories and myths of his kind; learns how to fly, hunt, and breathe fire; and shows his first encounters and interactions between him and other animals (including humans) and his thoughts on them.

My idea for this will, hopefully, be completely unique.  However, it does pose many challenges for me.  First of all, it is in first person, and I absolutely hate first person PoV stories.  I don’t like reading them, and I really don’t like writing them.  However, first person is what this story demands, so I am learning how to handle it.  My second problem comes in the voice and tone of the story.  Trying to describe anything from an animal who isn’t human, surrounded by others who aren’t human, is incredibly tricky in a number of ways.  I’m adapting to the use of first person, but trying to stop thoughts and movements from seeming too human is a much larger hurdle to leap.

With the difficulty of this one, even though it is the first book for which I have ever finished a draft, I have momentarily decided to set it aside.  I do not plan to set it aside for long, maybe a few weeks while I refresh myself with something with a writing style that comes a little more easily to me.

So, the one that I am most focusing on right now is Shadow’s Memories.  This one is in third-person PoV, and so much easier for me to handle.  There are four different perspectives that this story is being told from.

Most of the chapters are from the perspective of the main character, Selena.  Selena is a shadow mage, and the protector of her kingdom.  Well, she used to be anyway, before she was killed.  Before she died from her enemies’ attacks she hid away all of her memories, so that after her rebirth she would be able to regain them quickly.  Twenty years after she’s been reborn, she is visited by the Reklans who had attacked her kingdom and taken back to a world that she had long forgotten.  There, she meets again with an old friend who can not only help her regain her lost memories, but is able to give her the self-confidence that she had long forgotten she had.

Several of the chapters are written in the past, from Selena’s perspective, as she slowly remembers he past.  Some are written from the perspective of her brother, Craig, who is still being held prisoner in his kingdom by the Reklans who took it.  There are also a few written from the perspective of Chyanna, the Hunter.  Chyanna was once a student of shadow magic alongside Selena.  They have a settlement for mutual workings, but remain respectful rivals.  Chyanna’s strength caused Selena to leave the key to finding what the Reklan’s want most with her; Emilia, the leader of the kingdom, Selena’s only sister, and the holder of a great and coveted power.  Chyanna can’t stand Selena, but will help her however she can in order to locate Emilia and that power.

I’ve have been working on these two stories for several years, but with my recent decision to dedicate myself thoroughly to my work, they will hopefully soon be finished.  As I make progress, I promise to share bits and pieces as I can.


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