Piece from “Through a Dragon’s Eyes”

Here is a little sample from my story Through a Dragon’s Eyes.  This is a sample from the first chapter, where my little dragonling is hatching from his egg.  This is not a final draft for the chapter, but it is a little teaser for what is to come in the story.

There was no day or night for me. There wasn’t even light. I didn’t realize there was darkness, or even that I had eyes that were meant to see. I didn’t know about death, because I didn’t know about life. I did know that I could feel, but the only thing I felt was the warm, soft, wet blanket that surrounded me. For every conscious moment I had had, that was all that I had ever known. It was before my life had really started, but it was warm and comfortable, and so very peaceful.
Then the pain started. It was an odd pain, in the middle of my self, but I didn’t know how to get rid of it. Being stuck inside my blanket, I couldn’t escape it, either. So, I managed to move for the first time, and nipped away at my blanket, hoping that I might be able to escape the pain that had assailed me. Fortunately, after some bites, the pain subsided, so I went back to sleep. The pain returned, though; it always did. Every time it did, I would nip more of my blanket away until it subsided again.
Eventually, though, my warm blanket did disappear. After all, nothing is infinite. There was nothing comfortable around me anymore, only a hard and rigid cage. Then the pain came back again, and I no longer had any way of getting rid of it. I longed for my blanket’s return, for the comfort I used to know, but it never came. Instead, my cage just seemed to close in around me, tighter and tighter. I tried to bite it, the way I had my old blanket, but it was unyielding, and the pain was getting worse.
So, instead of biting it, I pushed against it. I pushed with everything I had, trying everything I could to break through it. There was only pain in that cage for me, and I had to escape it!
Finally, I was rewarded! A crack appeared in my horrid cage, and I began to push for escape. But when I did, my entire cage tipped over, and my exposed nose was filled with some nasty, foreign object. I wanted to crawl back into my cage, that which had apparently been protecting me; but then I heard a sound; the first sound I had ever heard. I didn’t know what it was, but it made me feel warm again, like my blanket had. I wanted to go nearer to it!
I shook from my nose the nasty grains that had invaded it, and pushed again on my cage, begging it to let me the rest of the way out. I pushed as hard as I could until it eventually shattered, spilling the rest of me onto the hard ground. More of that nasty stuff leaped again into my nose, but I shook it off, concentrating only on the warming sound I heard.


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