My Writing Class

So, awesome new for me on the writing front!

After getting stuck in the editing stage of my stories, I decided to get back to the basics.  I am now taking a writing class online, and I am loving it!  It is helping me so much with understanding my stories better.  Not only is it improving my story structure in general, but it is also helping me recognize what the purpose is for each of my characters, as well as helping me to plan how to use those characters.  I am only 4 lessons in so far (out of a total of 12), and I already feel like my writing has taken a huge leap forward!

So excited am I that I plan to post my assignments here as well, me showing off how much I am learning, as well as giving a little teaser for some of what I am working on.  I am currently using the techniques being taught in the class one three very different stories of mine:  Through a Dragon’s Eyes, Shadow’s Memories, and a new story that will be the first of a series.  This new book does not yet have a name, nor have I named the characters, so until I decide on a name I will be referring to it as my “Wargs” story.

Anyway, while I am sharing these assignments, please feel free to comment, question, or help in whatever way you like!  The more feedback that I get for the things that I post here, the more it will help me to move forward.

Thank you for your support!


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