Shadow’s Memories: the Dramatic Elements

So, in our first assignment, we needed to lay out the four dramatic elements of our stories.  Those four elements are Passion, Theme, Character, and Premise.  My favorite part about this assignment was that it made me think about why I am writing my stories, and what I want my readers to take from it.  I have never been one to think about the overall message, I have always been too caught up in the story.  However, now I am giving these things a lot of thought, and it has helped me greatly.

I finished my first draft for Shadow’s Memories some time ago, but was having a difficult time knowing where to go while editing.  So, I have been using the teachings of this class to help me figure out if my problems were with structure.  So far it has been very simple completing my assignments with this story, and so I think that I am mostly right on track.  This is great to know, since this is giving me a lot more confidence in this story.  Plus, I am learning a few spots where I might need to focus more attention, so this will all be a great help when I jump back into editing again.

Without further ado, here are the four dramatic elements laid out for Shadow’s Memories.

Passion:  In learning from your past, you can build yourself into a new and better person now.
Theme:  Learn from your mistakes.
Flaw:  Lack of self-worth/low self-esteem
Premise:  What if a clumsy woman with low self-esteem is forced back into her past life and must learn her own self-worth in order to regain her old memories and find her missing sister?

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