Through a Dragon’s Eyes: the Dramatic Elements

Like Shadow’s Memories, I have finished the first draft of Through a Dragon’s Eyes, and am using the techniques that I am learning in this class to better understand where I need to focus my editing.

However, unlike Shadow’s Memories, the further I get into this class, the more I realize that I will need to start over from scratch with Through a Dragon’s Eyes.  I have really struggled with the assignments for this story, and quickly realized that I don’t even know my own protagonist like I thought I did.  It is becoming increasingly clear that the reason I have struggled so much with attempting to edit this story is because I have no real focus.

This is all changed, now.  I may need to start over again, but that isn’t a bad thing.  The new story will be a much improved version, and one that will make me much happier to tell.

Anyway, here are the dramatic elements that I pulled together for Through a Dragon’s Eyes.

Passion:  To see life through the eyes of someone completely different from me.
Theme:  How to see the differences and similarities of people.
Flaw:  Insecurity
Premise:  What if a young insecure dragon is learning about life and must overcome his own insecurity in order to live life happily with others?

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