“Wargs”: the Dramatic Elements

This story will be the first in a series, and the series will eventually merge with other stories, as well.  This is, however, a very recent conception of mine.  This story is the primary focus for my learning the techniques being taught in my class since it is the only one that I haven’t attempted to outline or work on at all.

Because it is so new, I am having both an easy time and a difficult time with my assignments.  Some elements come to me with ease, and other have proven to be greatly difficult.

This first assignment, the dramatic elements, has been the easiest assignment for me to fulfill for this story, thus giving me a false sense of accomplishment as I later learned.

Passion:  Balancing light and darkness inside of yourself
Theme:  There is both light and darkness inside of everyone.
Flaw:  Inability to trust others
Premise:  What if a teenage orphan with trust issues is taken in by a family of monsters and has to learn to trust her new family in order to learn to control the monster inside of herself?

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