Shadow’s Memories: Protagonist/Antagonist

For our second assignment, I had to lay out the general description and backstory of both my protagonist, highlighting their major flaws.  For Shadow’s Memories, I had a very easy time with this assignment.  I know my protagonist well, and I designed the antagonist to be her biggest nightmare.

Protagonist:  Selena is a hard-working woman of 20 years.  She is extremely clumsy and generally doesn’t seem to be able to do anything right.  She used to dream of being a great person who does great things, but not anymore.  Right now, she is lucky that her boss is too nice to fire her from the diner that she works at, where she is constantly tripping over people and breaking dishes.  She wants to be better, but all of her clumsiness constantly reminds her of her low self-worth.
Antagonist:  The Reklans live in a hive in the world of Sharine.  They are huge, dark creatures that were born to kill.  With their head almost nothing but teeth, claws that could tear through stone walls, and their terrifying ability to travel through shadows, they are truly a nightmare come to life.  20 years ago, when a weakness in the defenses around the powerful kingdom of Milango presented itself, the hive attacked, their greed driving them to attempt to capture their Lord King, who has a great power that they crave.  However, the fatally wounded High General of Milango managed to escape with the prize that they desired.  Now, 20 years later, they are still searching for Selena, who is the High General reborn, the only person who knows where the Lord King of Milango is hidden.

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