Through a Dragon’s Eyes: Protagonist/Antagonist

For Through a Dragon’s Eyes, this assignment to describe my protagonist and antagonist was a little more difficult.  I am relearning my protagonist all over again, narrowing down all that it is that makes him tick.  I knew my antagonist well enough, but this assignment has allowed me to understand him a little better.  All in all, I think that attempting to define both my protagonist and antagonist in such a way has helped me much more than I might have originally expected it to.

Protagonist:  A newborn white dragon with red eyes, both features that are rare amongst their kinds.  He works hard to understand this new world that he has been born into, his insecurity frequently holding him back from moving forward.
Antagonist:  Kenneth, the dragon hunter.  His hatred of the Guardians has grown high over the years, but they are untouchable.  So, he has settled on instead eliminating as many of those who serve and support the Guardians as possible.  A major target of his is the Drogidan, a corps of dragons who fight in the Guardians’ wars.  Our white dragon’s father is one such servant, and a likely target for our prejudiced dragon-hunter.

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