“Wargs”: Protagonist/Antagonist

This story, as new as it is, proved difficult for me.  I understood the protagonist well enough for this assignment, but I have been completely blank on who/what the antagonist might be.  I think that I have finally settled on an antagonist, though that might end up adjusting a bit as the story progresses.

Protagonist:  Lindsey is a 15 year old girl who was abandoned on the steps of an orphanage when she was a baby.  She left that orphanage when she was seven with two other young girls, their escape facilitated by two of the older boys.  However, the new and free life that the girls were promised ended when the boys sold them to some rough-looking men.  She never knew how, but those men were killed in the middle of the night, allowing her to escape.  She was picked up by the police some time later and brought to a new orphanage, but she now has a paralyzing fear of men, rooted from her inability to trust them.

Antagonist:  There appears to be no clear antagonist for this story.  The challenges presented to Lindsey that push this story forward are all varying, outside forces, attempting to push her away from her new family.


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