Shadow’s Memories: Act 1

For the outline of Act 1, I learned the the primary focus is on the Trigger.  The trigger is meant to attack the protagonist’s flaw, which will lead directly into emotional turmoil in the beginning of Act 2.  Focus on finding the trigger, and the Hook and Backstory should be easy to identify after.

For my story Shadow’s Memories, there is actually a good example of the trigger not being what I originally thought that it might be.

Hook: Selena is working at a diner, her bad habit of breaking dishes again surfacing.

Backstory: Selena goes home after work. After getting home, Reklan’s leap from the shadows and attack her, knocking her unconscious. She dreams of her childhood.

Trigger: Selena awakens in a cold, dark, windowless cell.

Originally, I thought that Selena being attacked by the Reklans would be the trigger, but it does not attack her flaw (lack of self worth) and would not trigger emotional problems for her. Waking up inside of a tiny cell that she can’t see in would, though. Not only would she feel worthless for allowing herself to be caught, but she would also feel worthless when she can’t figure out how to escape. So, my crisis that will start Act 2 is already laid out for me, now.


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