Through a Dragon’s Eyes: Act 2

The Act 2 outline for Through a Dragon’s Eyes, as you will see, is different from the Act 2 outlines for Shadow’s Memories and my “Wargs” story.  The major difference here is that this Act will end with the very clear indicators of it ending a tragedy, thanks to my protagonist’s inability to overcome his flaw: insecurity.

This class has helped me with this story more than any other.  This is the first story I ever managed to finish a first draft on, and I immediately felt overwhelmed in the editing stage.  So much so that I decided to step away from it for a time, but no amount of time made the editing stage feel any easier.

In taking this class, I finally understand why.  I wrote this story because I loved the idea of it, but I didn’t actually take the time to get to know my main character or decide on a direction for the story.  Going through this outlining and structuring process has helped me answer these questions that I had forgotten to answer before.  The down side, it means that I need to completely start from scratch with this entire story.  The up side, once I have finished a new first draft, editing should be much easier for me, and the overall story should be far more exciting to read.

Anyway, without further ado, here is my Act 2 layout for Through a Dragon’s Eyes.


Crisis:  The little dragon feels highly insecure at waking in the cave without the comforting presence of his parent dragons there.
Struggle:  In search of food, two of the little dragon’s siblings fall from the mouth of the cave, his first interaction with death.  He struggles to learn how to fly, hunt, and associate with other dragons, as well as other animals.  As he learns more about the world around him, he also learns about the Dragon Hunter who is still eluding the Guardians and devoting his time to killing dragons who work for the Guardians, like the dragon’s father.  One night, he flies home after a hunt to find half his family dead, and the Dragon Hunter there and poised to kill the other half of his family.  His mother tells him to find Ayame.
Epiphany:  The little dragon is insecure about the idea of leaving his family, even to find help, but also terrified at the idea of fighting and dying.

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