“Wargs”: Act 2

Sorry, I have gotten a little behind in my posts lately.  Too much going on in life, I suppose.

Anyway, now that everyone has had a chance to see the Act 1 for the three stories that I am currently working on, we move on to Act 2.  Act 2 was the most difficult of the three Acts for all of my stories.  This is because Act 2 includes the Struggle, which is most of the challenges that the protagonist has to face, and therefore most of the book.  Trying to contain all of that into one or two sentences was difficult.

Act 2 also contains to points that are purely emotional, the Crisis and the Epiphany.  There is no plot here, simply two points of internal realization for the protagonist which surround the Struggle.  Identifying these points clearly was also difficult.

None-the-less, I managed to get them down.  So, here is the Act 2 that I came up with for my “Wargs” story (yes, I am very much hoping to decide on a name for this one soon…)


Crisis:  Lindsey is terrified of the prospect of being forced to go home with perfect strangers, even if they are blood, her inability to trust others paralyzing her.
Struggle:  Lindsey is forced to move in with her new family.  After she freaks out when one of the men in the family gets too close, her new mother and sister taker her on a weekend girl’s getaway.  After returning to the house, Lindsey learns that these people aren’t actually her family, and that all of them are monsters, claiming that she is, too.  She runs away but is caught by a rough group of men.  She is saved by her new family and brought back home.
Epiphany:  Lindsey realizes that the family really is interested in her well being and she should have trusted them all along.

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