Shadow’s Memories: All 3 Acts

Here we go, all three Acts for Shadow’s Memories put together.


Hook:  Selena is working at a diner, her bad habit of breaking dishes again surfacing.
Backstory:  Selena goes home after work.  After getting home, Reklan’s leap from the shadows and attack her, knocking her unconscious.  She dreams of her childhood.
Trigger:  Selena awakens in a cold, dark, windowless cell.
Crisis:  Selena is overcome by her lack of self-worth, her inability to fight off the Reklans or even escape their dungeon collapsing her.
Struggle:  Tep, a shadow fox, appears and gives Selena what she needs to escape the dungeon and the Reklans that guard it.  Through him she learns about her past and her lost sister.  She struggles to relearn her past while dodging the attacks of the Reklans who can appear out of the shadows, losing her new friend Tep in the process.  She gets help from several people who want her to regain her memories, only to learn that some of those memories no longer exist for her to recover.   While reflecting on the memories that she was able to reclaim, Selena recognizes the major mistake that she made in the past that got her killed.
Epiphany:  Selena realizes that she is a strong enough person to fix the problem now.
Plan:  Selena decides to go to Milango alone to defeat the Reklans.
Climax:  Selena sneaks into Milango, saves her brother, and with the protection of his Shield is able to tear down all of the Reklans in the kingdom within minutes.
Ending:  Using so much of her power at one kills Selena.  Her brother is distraught, but with the help of the Hunter and some clues left behind by Selena, he is finally able to find his missing sister.


There we go, all 3 Acts put together to create one complete (though basic) story outline.  Next step, adding meat (plot events) to the 9 checkpoints.  The instructor also refers to them as scene outlines.


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