Through a Dragon’s Eyes: All 3 Acts

Through a Dragon’s Eyes, all 3 Acts together.  This was the hardest of the three stories for me to do, but it was also the most educational.


Hook:  The little white dragon hatches from his egg.
Trigger:  The little dragon awakens the next morning, aside his siblings who are still strangers to him. They are all hungry, but there is no food in the cave and their parents are missing.
Crisis:  The little dragon feels highly insecure at waking in the cave without the comforting presence of his parent dragons there.
Struggle:  In search of food, two of the little dragon’s siblings fall from the mouth of the cave, his first interaction with death.  He struggles to learn how to fly, hunt, and associate with other dragons, as well as other animals.  As he learns more about the world around him, he also learns about the Dragon Hunter who is still eluding the Guardians and devoting his time to killing dragons who work for the Guardians, like the dragon’s father.  One night, he flies home after a hunt to find half his family dead, and the Dragon Hunter there and poised to kill the other half of his family.  His mother tells him to find Ayame.
Epiphany:  The little dragon is insecure about the idea of leaving his family, even to find help, but also terrified at the idea of fighting and dying.
Plan:  The little dragon decides to fly off in search for help.  With some help, he finds Ayame, the Guardian in charge of stopping the Dragon Hunter.
Climax:  Ayame and the Dragon Hunter enter a huge battle, destroying much of their surroundings, the little dragon watching through Ayame’s eyes.  In the end, the battle is stopped by another, and both are punished grievously for the destruction they’ve caused.
Ending:  The little dragons is left all alone, his family all having been killed during the fight.  He is left more insecure than ever and wondering what to do with his life now.  He decides to search out Ayame once again.


There we go, all 3 Acts put together to create one complete (though basic) story outline.  Next step, adding meat (plot events) to the 9 checkpoints.  The instructor also refers to them as scene outlines.


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