“Wargs”: All 3 Acts

Act 3 ended up being really simple, for all three stories.  All of the hard choices were made during Act 2, making Act 3 the logical conclusion to the events.

For all three stories, I will combine Act 3 with Acts 1 and 2, so that they are all together for you to view.


Hook:  Meditation lessons.
Backstory:  Lindsey and friend escape from the orphanage to meet with friends, but freak out when their friends bring boys with them.  Decide to return to the orphanage.
Trigger:  Man and Woman arrive at orphanage with a lawyer, claiming to be Lindsey’s birth parents.
Crisis:  Lindsey is terrified of the prospect of being forced to go home with perfect strangers, even if they are blood, her inability to trust others paralyzing her.
Struggle:  Lindsey is forced to move in with her new family.  After she freaks out when one of the men in the family gets too close, her new mother and sister taker her on a weekend girl’s getaway.  After returning to the house, Lindsey learns that these people aren’t actually her family, and that all of them are monsters, claiming that she is, too.  She runs away but is caught by a rough group of men.  She is saved by her new family and brought back home.
Epiphany:  Lindsey realizes that the family really is interested in her well being and she should have trusted them all along.
Plan:  Lindsey decides to try trusting her new family, and to show them that she invites her best friend, who has always protected Lindsey, over for dinner.
Climax:  The dinner is chaotic, but overall a success.  Lindsey is able to demonstrate to her new family her new willingness to trust them, and also shows the family that they can trust her by not telling her best friend that they are all monsters.  Her best friend is suspicious of the family at first, as well as Lindsey’s sudden new acceptance of them, but ends up deciding that this is a good place for Lindsey and approves her decision to stay.
Ending:  Lindsey further shows her new desire to make things work with the family by sitting with them to learn more about the monster inside them and herself.
There we go, all 3 Acts put together to create one complete (though basic) story outline.  Next step, adding meat (plot events) to the 9 checkpoints.  The instructor also refers to them as scene outlines.

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