The Secret to Happiness

In learning about my writing, and in talking to a few people, not to mention watching the constant need of my children to wallow in some sorrowful world of their own, I feel like I might have stumbled accross the secret to happiness.

It may seem a simple solution, but I am convinced that it is a solution, none-the-less.

The secret?  Smile.

Always smile.

Even if you don’t feel like it, smile anyway.  It may feel fake at first, but keep it on and it will eventually be real.

I think that the reason for why is actually pretty straight forward, as well.  Smiling isn’t just a movement of muscles.  You have to feel at least a little like smiling in order to actually smile, right?  So, when you think about trying to make yourself smile, the only way to do that is by thinking about positive things.  Something funny, something uplifting, some happy memory from your past, whatever.  Maybe you’re imagining some brutal punishment being carried out on your eternal enemy.  Whatever it is, if you want to force yourself to smile, you have to think of something, even if it’s only very tiny, to make that smile happen.

I work as a server, so trust me when I say that I am an expert in forcing yourself to smile when you don’t want to.

All it takes is that one little thing to make yourself smile.  Then, once the smile has started, you have to keep thinking about things in order to continue smiling.

What’s the best part of this?  Not only are you thinking of happy things, you are also NOT thinking about whatever made you unhappy.  Cool, right?

Eventually, that smile will feel natural and easy, and you will find that you are more relaxed.  But yes, the unhappy circumstance of the moment will come flooding back to you, as well.  This is also a good thing, since you will never be happy if you simply run away from your problems.  You have to face them eventually.  But now, you will be facing that same problem that overwhelmed you with a far calmer mind.

Don’t you think that a calm mind will allow you to see the situation differently, then?  Don’t you think that you would have an easier time facing that difficulty?  Don’t you think you will be a shining beacon of joy if you were suddenly able to solve your problem?

Even if you can’t solve the problem, then a clear mind will certainly help you find a way to accept this situation that you can’t deter.  Wouldn’t this also give you some peace, some happiness?

And all of this started with you simply forcing yourself to smile.  An expression that is usually used to express happiness, it seems, can also be used to create it.


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