Story Idea

So, in between laying out the 9 Checkpoints and the Story/Scene Outline, we were assigned to write up the story idea.  This is a combination of the dramatic elements and the 9 checkpoints.

Why didn’t I share this?  Well, honestly, because it’s just a re-hash of the 9 Checkpoints that I have already shared, and simply adds in a few elements that would help me, as the writer, but would be unnecessary for you, the reader.  Therefore, I decided not to share it.

However, it is also from the Story Idea that you can achieve the 2 sentence summary, frequently used for the book cover.  After finishing these, I thought that I would share them.  However, I will do all three stories here instead of splitting them into three different posts.


When 15 year old Lindsey is found at the orphanage by her birth parents, the trust issues that she has harbored since she was a child come to life again inside of her.  Learning the secrets of the family, she continues to struggle with the idea of trusting them, but after they save her lie she finally realizes that maybe these are exactly the people she should trust.

Shadow’s Memories

A life of breaking nearly everything that she touches has shattered Selena’s self-confidence, a feeling made worse when she can’t even protect herself from the monsters who have kidnapped her and locked her away.  After someone helps her escape, she begins to regain the memories of her past life, and with them begins to regain her confidence until she finally realizes what she needs to do to destroy the monsters who have been stalking her.

Through a Dragon’s Eyes

An insecure white dragon is born into a huge and intimidating world with many new things to learn and new creatures to meet.  When everything he has learned to love throughout his life is threatened by a powerful killer, he needs to overcome his insecurity in order to protect it.

What do you think?  In reading these short summaries, would you be interested in reading them?  Which one would you find most interesting?

Please, let me know.  After all, you, the reader, are my target audience here, so the more that you can help me, the better the story that I can share with you.


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