Vote for ANYONE ELSE!!!

Know what the down side is to Trump not becoming president?
Clinton becomes president.
Know what the down side is to Clinton not becoming president?
Trump becomes president.
The solution?
Vote for neither!! There are two other candidates who are both far more qualified than either Trump or Clinton. They may not have as much “experience”, but isn’t that a good thing? After all, it seems to me that their political experience is the equivalent of getting paid to go to the College of Liars.
Don’t vote Trump. Don’t vote Clinton. Vote for either Johnson or Stein. There is no “lesser of two evils” here, both Trump and Clinton are evil, period. Neither is fit to be anywhere near the presidential office, but people are still inclined to vote them in because they believe that those are their only choices. Please recognize that there are other choices, and don’t let people tell you that they are “throwaway votes”. If everyone who has problems with both Clinton and Trump were to vote for, say, Gary Johnson, then he would win in an overwhelming landslide.
Don’t become part of this problem. They have gotten too close already, and I think that it is time that our country stood up and said “that’s enough”. I am tired of the lying, trickery, bullying, bullshit, racism, and every other negative feature that our candidates are displaying. I don’t want them running this country, and I certainly don’t want them speaking for me on an international level.
Vote Johnson!
Vote Stein!
And put Trump and Clinton in the dumpster that they both belong in.

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