Moving Forward

Well, update on my activities over the last few months (and an explanation for why I have not been online recently).

So, around the same time that I finished my second writing class through Ed2go in December, I started a new job.  I was working at the Black Eyed Pea as a server, bartender, caterer, cook, trainer, and manager (yes, you’re right, I did pretty much everything at that job).  However, while I did find the job interesting, I had a lot of responsibility with no raise in pay to match it.  Not only that, I have a family now (which I didn’t when I started), so not being home so often on at night and almost never on the weekends really began to hurt us all.  There were times that I wouldn’t be able to see my boyfriend for more than three days straight, with the exception of a goodbye kiss in the morning.  This kind of schedule did not work, so I spent several months looking for a new job.  Not an easy process when I never officially finished my college degree, being a few credits shy of official graduation, and no work experience outside of restaurant work or life guarding.  I have taken classes in Database Management, have plenty of experience using Microsoft Office, Administrative experience through being a Girl Scout leader, and a fast typing speed, so I should be great at office work in general.  More than that, anyone who knows me knows that I pick up on things fast, am a hard worker, can do pretty much any job that I am given.  However, this does not matter much on paper, so finding a new job for myself proved incredibly difficult.

Fortunately for me, while working as a bartender and man came in, sat at the bar, and ate lunch.  It was a rather busy morning, so I was running around a lot, but I still managed to give all of my customers good service.  The man liked my work ethic, so he gave me his card and told me to call him if I’m ever looking for a new job.  Perfect timing!  So, I gave him a call, and about a month or so of paperwork and interviews later, I finally started my new job.

So, my new job is in a warehouse, working for Intermountain Lock and Security Supply.  For those of you who do not know who this is, we are a business-to-business distribution company that sells security equipment.  Basically, we’re the people who buy security equipment directly from the manufacturers, then sell that equipment to the businesses that sell it to the general public.  To put this into perspective for you, when you go to get a spare key cut for your house, whatever business you go to is cutting key blanks that they got from us, on a key machine that they got from us, or one of our competitors.  We don’t just do keys, though, but also sell panic bars, hinges, cameras, cores and cylinders, door levers and deadbolts, the latches for door levers and deadbolts, even the little pins and springs that are used in cores and other security devices.  We even sell those handicapped buttons that open doors, the closers and arms that are above the doors, and the thresholds that go below the door.  Cool, right?

Well, working in the warehouse, I’m learning a lot of new stuff.  Like any product, eat item is labelled by a very long and complicated number that means nothing to you, but means everything to those of us who distribute the product.  Right now, I am working in receiving everything that is mailed to the warehouse.  It’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but I enjoy it.  My most immediate goal is to work myself us to salesperson.  To do that, I first have to learn everything about the product that we sell, so that I can sell it to others, but I’m studying hard and making a lot of progress.  It is tough, though, moving into a field that I have less than zero experience with.  Still, for the first time in my life I have actual weekends open, can get to bed on time at night and not be tired when I wake up in the early morning, get PTO, and have actual promotional options.  I have thoroughly loved my change in employment, and am excited to see what my future holds here.

Something that I have learned since I started here is that IMLSS offers many classes.  Among the many interesting classes that they offer is a lock picking class.  I mean, sounds exciting, right?  My long term plans, therefore, are to try and take this and several other classes that could make me a qualified locksmith.  I’ve been wanting something that could give me more experience in a new and more employable field, and that is exactly what this new job is offering me.

Anyway, I continued working at the Black Eyed Pea for two months to keep the cash flow coming in (I was, after all, moving from a cash income to semi-monthly paychecks, and I needed to make sure that ends would still meet with this change in payment).  Working two jobs for two months made it impossible for me to write at all.  The simple face was that I was barely home, and when I was, I was either too tired to write or spending much valued time with my family.  It’s been about a month since I stopped working two jobs, and I almost don’t know what to do with my free time!!

That’s a lie, I have been finding plenty to do with my free time.  Not only am I enjoying being able to spend daily quality time with my family, but I have slowly been getting back into my writing.  After over two months of an enforced writing hiatus, I’m having a slow time getting back into it.

However, I am back to writing, and hopefully back to having an online presence again.  ^_^


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