My Stories: Shadow’s Memories, Progress

Now that I am back to writing again, how am I doing at it, you wonder?

Well, after taking my classes, I have decided that of all of the stories that I have been working on, the one that I want to work on right now is Shadow’s Memories.  Why?  Well, simply because I am furthest along with that.  I’ve written the most of it, right up to the last chapter.  After studying the outlining techniques in my writing classes, I’ve also realized that this story is the most on track and has the least correcting to do.  Therefore, it is on Shadow’s Memories that I have been spending my time.

First thing that I have done is split the story into sections.  I will be tackling the story one section at a time, then.

The parts are listed as thus:

  1. Earth
  2. Milango
  3. The Hunter
  4. Picalli
  5. Ukbaad
  6. Lost
  7. Back to Milango

So, obviously I have pretty much split my story into parts dictated by what world the main character is in at the time.  I am starting with the Earth part, which will include the prologue and the first four chapters.  So far, my work has been concentrated on creating a brand new opening.  I love my prologue, but I have always known that my first chapter simply wasn’t the attractive piece that it should be.  As hard as it was to admit at first, no one would continue reading after the first chapter.  I simply didn’t get the reader connected to the main character very well.

Well, that is changing.  It’s proving difficult, but I have re-written the start, and am combing through it over and over again until I am sure that anyone who starts reading it will continue reading it.

Once I have finished that, I will move on to part two.  I will post an update then.


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