My Stories: Shadow’s Memories, Part 1 Complete

Okay, so after having so much free time for writing yesterday and today, I am ready to move onto part 2 of my editing plan next weekend.

Thus far, I edited my Prologue, and am hoping that once the whole story is finished that my publisher/agent (once I have one) will allow me to keep it in my story.  If not…well, I still like it.

I took out my first chapter and completely rewrote it, turning it instead into two chapters.  I feel like the new into is more appealing, and will better connect my readers to my main character.  I have also added a new character, Alice, who is my main character’s best friend.  Previously, with her parents dead and all, I gave Selena no connection to Earth, and no reason to look back on her old life.  I decided that this doesn’t work for me, and that giving her a reason to regret leaving her crappy life behind will make her struggle through the rest of the story more real.

I am also attempting to better indicate her physical weaknesses in the first two chapters, since any mention of those weaknesses later will happen after those weaknesses are eliminated, thus having far less impact.  Her crystal, the source of her immortal life, will also be playing a more pronounced role in the beginning, demonstrating a little better its importance to her before showing its actual importance to the reader.

Over all, I feel much better about this opening.  It will still need a lot of editing, since the first two chapters are now several versions of editing behind the rest of the story, but I will come back to it later with fresh eyes after I’ve edited more of the story.

My third and fourth chapters are still mostly the same, not a lot of changes there.  I had already noticed many problems with these two chapters in an earlier editing session, and so fixed most of those problems already.  Plus, since they take place in PoV other than that of Selena, like my new first two chapters, and since the ending of the first two chapters is the same as it was before, the third and fourth chapters didn’t need much more than a check for unnecessary adverbs and such.

So, moving on to Part 2:  Milango.


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