My Stories: Shadow’s Memories, Part 2

So, now that I have finished the chapters that I am referring to as Part 1, I am obviously moving on to Part 2.

I have just gone through the chapters, and this part of my story will contain 13 chapters, 5-17.  This entire section is all chapters that will take place in and around the kingdom of Milango.

We will start out with Selena waking up after her capture, how she escapes, and how she learns about her past.  This is a tough section to take on because chapter 16 will end in an important death.  I always have a hard time getting past that point whenever I work on my story, so it could take me some time to finish.

There shouldn’t be any major re-writes here, though.  I’ll be adding some new and heightened emotions, focus a bit more on character development, and attempt to present the backstory a little less in-your-face narrative, and make the introduction of those aspects of the past that are affecting the present a little more subtle.

Because there are so many chapters to work on here, it will likely take me more than another single weekend to edit it.  However, I am determined to finish this story and be ready to pitch it by the time summer starts, so I will be working hard on it.


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