Book Review: The Freedom Writers

An update on how my personal reading is proceeding.  I have just finished reading The Freedom Writers.

Of course, 99% of what I read is fantasy.  Every once in a while, though, I will decide to read something else.  I have always loved the move for The Freedom Writers, but never got around to reading the book.  Then, at the beginning of this semester, my son brought home his syllabus, and on the list of books that they would be reading was The Freedom Writers.  Well, I couldn’t have my son reading the book before me, so I went and bought the book and have finally finished reading it.

I loved it!  Unfortunately, I read most of it during work, so I couldn’t release all of the tears that threatened me while I was reading.  Still, it did take me on a thoroughly wild roller coaster ride of emotion, and I enjoyed every painful moment of it.

I had a great childhood, so I did not share all of the problems that the kids in the book did, something that I have always been grateful for.  Perhaps, though, it makes me hurt that much more because it seems so unreal to me that these children could actually have lived through all of this, and more than that became great people regardless of all of that negativity.  It hurts me even more, now that I am a mom, to think about the possibility of any such things happening to my own children.  It makes me want to shelter them even more, but also makes me realize that I need to let them go out and learn on their own, since that is the only way that they will be able to grow into good people themselves.

It has been a rough journey for me, anyway.  Still, even with it being a book so full of tragedy and negativity, the end result is a more positive outlook on life, a desire to live my life as fully as possible, and a desire to help my children live the same way.

Next, I will be re-reading The Masterharper of Pern by Anne McCaffrey.  Anne is and has always been my favorite sci-fi author, and the Masterharper always one of my favorite characters in her Pern series.  I was re-reading some of her books before I decided to pick up The Freedom Writers Diary, and so I am picking it back up now that I am done.  Not sure where I will go after that, I have such a very long need-to-read list…..


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