My Awesome Day

So, allow me to share my day with you.

Having weekends available to me is still new to me, and my family and I are still adjusting to having the extra time together.  Most of the time, though, we hit the weekends and everyone kind of runs in their own direction.

Today, though, I wanted to have a together day.  This was difficult at first.  We did breakfast, the kids did their two hours of productive time, and still everyone kind of went their own direction.  I wasn’t happy about this change in my plans, so Michael promised to spend time together after he finished what he was doing.

So, we finally came together, and what did we do?  Well, we played Zombie-opoly, of course!

I know, nothing better to start a family fight than a long and competitive board game, but we gave it a go, anyway.  We played for probably around three hours.  It was awesome, and naturally I won, so even better for me, haha!

At this point it was definitely dinner time.  For tonight, I had planned to make pizza.  No, not frozen pizza, actually making our own pizza.  Well, usually we make a couple of generic pizzas, but tonight I decided to divvy up the dough and everyone made their own personal pizza.  It was a blast!  For once, we were all in the kitchen, cooking, and not getting on each other’s nerves.  We all made very different pizzas, compared each other’s creativity, then cooked them.  We could only fit two pizzas in the oven at a time, so we couldn’t all eat together, but they weren’t that far apart, so it turned out all okay.

As the pizzas were cooking, we decided to watch the latest Ice Age movie.  We laughed our asses off!  I admit, the Ice Age movies are getting pretty out there and crazy now, but it was still funny, so we all had a great night laughing together and eating homemade pizza.

Then, of course, ended the night dancing…

All in all, the best family night that we have had together in a long time, and I am excited to be able to share that with you.


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