My Stories: Trikka Sila

This is a picture of the Trikka Sila.  What is it?  It’s kind of a magical symbol.

Trikka Sila

A little history.  The world that I have designed has an ancient language, the language created by the “gods” when they created the Universe.  This circle contains four of the characters from the gods’ language.  Each of these characters have several different meanings, but the intent that they are drawn with for this circle is translated into blood and pain.

Weird, right?  Well, this circle is a magical design created by the Hunter’s lieutenant, Berkinley.  Berkinley is a Blood Mage.  A blood mage is able to use blood to control many things.  With a person in the center of this circle, Berkinley is able to not only control, but cause pain using blood.  Gross, right?  Bet hey, the Hunter has an important job, being something like the Universal Chief of Police; and how best to get the information that she needs than by using Berkinley’s gifts at gaining information?

Because of what she stands for, the Hunter is a feared title through the Universe.

Because of his gifts, Berkinley has actually earned an even more terrifying reputation than his boss, and this Trikka Sila is one of the major contributors.


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