Recommendation: The Sword of Truth Series

I am a huge reader, most of fantasy, but I love to read.  I have read a lot, a lot, a lot of books, and a lot of them I have read several times and would recommend to anyone.  However, there are no books that I love more than the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.

Seriously, if you have never read these book before, then do!

Not only have Terry Goodkind created a realistic, though magical, world, but he has designed it to speak to humanity on both a moral and logical level.

No, seriously!  But using the complex events that he has created in this world that he has designed, he can break down the most complex social issues of mankind in an understandable way.  He demonstrates the gray areas of every situation how hard it can be to recognize right from wrong, and yet somehow pulls the reader around to see that there is only one good, right, and moral way to do things.  It truly is amazing!

Not just the realism of the story, or how her makes me think about my own life decisions, but his general imagination is astounding!

Let me give you some examples.

First, there’s the confessors.  These are women who, with a single touch, can force a person to do their bidding.  Like, seriously!  See, they have this power, and when they release this power, anyone who is touching them will automatically fall in love with them.  Not romantic or sexual love, an obsessive love.  The kind of love where that person cares about nothing beyond pleasing the Confessor who touched them.  These women were created for the use of pulling truthful confessions out of people who are accused of major crimes, since a person who has been confessed cannot lie to the Confessor who touched them.

The opposite of the Confessor is the Mord-Sith.  These are women who don’t have magic of their own, but can repel and, in fact, control any magic that is used against them.  For example, if a wizard were to use wizard’s fire against a mord-sith, not only could she turn it on the wizard, but she also has control of it.  Not that she can use it herself, but she can determine whether or not the wizard is allowed to use it, and can turn that magic on the wizard not as fire, but as pain.  Yes, pain.  Where the confessor controls people using love, the mord-sith controls people using pain.  They turn the wizard’s power against him, torturing him, until he will do anything to please his mistress.  They also use an item called an agiel, a long rod that causes pain directly in the nerves.  Honestly, reading about the time that Richard spent with the Mord-Sith was one of my favorite parts of the story.

Going less human, allow me to tell you about the Gars.  I love the Gars!  These are like, massive bear-human shaped creatures with wings.  They’re vicious and terrifying, as well as smart (Richard happens across a baby, and it becomes a pet/friend, and its intelligence is incredible!)  Well, I’m sure all of this sounds like a normal make-believe beast, but there is one attribute that is unique:  their blood flies.  Each Gar, after reaching puberty, gains blood flies.  These two creatures live in a symbiotic relationship.  The blood flies fly around an area, and if they bite a creature (or are killed) then the Gar, who has a very deep connection with each of his flies, immediately knows that there is prey in the area.  They’re fast fliers, and once their blood flies locate their prey, they are able to pounce on it quickly.

However, the creatures that Terry Goodkind created is nothing compared to the story itself.  The main character, Richard Rahl (who is, hands down, my favorite fictional character EVER) grows a huge amount throughout the series.  Not just his character, but also his status as he learns that he is not only a wizard, but the first War Wizard born in 3000 years, and also learns that he is the new Lord Rahl and suddenly has an entire kingdom under his control.  He is a problem-solver, which is good considering the escalating problems that began when he killed the old Lord Rahl.

The backstory of an old war that matches with the current war, how both Richard and Kahlan learn about the depths of their powers, the haggard relationship that exists between the three territories of the “New World”, followed by the invasion from the “Old World”, all of this makes the most fantastic series that I have ever read.

However, thus far, I have read one of the two prequels, and all of the books through the Confessor trilogy, but have not yet read the new books that have come out since then.  Now that I have finished with the Masterharper of Pern, I have decided to return to the Sword of Truth series.  I am starting with The First Confessor, the second prequel that Terry Goodkind wrote, then I will move on to the rest of the series.  I will let you know what I think of the other prequel!


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