Writing: Chapter Length

While writing, how long should you make your chapters?

I suppose that there are many different aspects to take into account before making such decisions.


Personally, I tend to prefer short chapters.  If a chapter is really long, I feel like the chances are that the chapter will be description-heavy.  You know, lots of setting and boring discussion.

After all, when do you end a chapter?  Right in the middle of the action, that way the reader wants to keep reading.  So, if you’re looking at a long chapter, then you’re probably also looking at a boring one.

Besides, no one likes to stop reading right in the middle of a chapter.  Personally, I don’t usually have a lot of time to read, so short chapters that I can read during my short availability are what appeal to me.

Besides, even if I do have hours to sit and read, I still like the regular breaks.  Even if a long chapter is full of action, it begins to feel like too much at some point.  Therefore, I suppose that you could say that chapter length has a lot to do with keeping a regular pace in your story.  Keeping long chapters probably means that you are keeping chapters that are either too boring, or too action-packed.

Short chapters allow you to keep track of just how much action you are putting in your stories, and how much description.  Each chapter should possess equal amounts of description and action, discussion motion.  It would be much easier to identify that ratio in a shorter chapter, don’t you think?


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