Book Review: The Omen Machine

It’s actually been about two weeks since I finished reading this book, but busy weeks have kept me from posting lately.  I am hoping to get back on top of my blog again, though.


So, the Omen Machine.  It was an interesting book.  Honestly, though, I am not so sure that there was any point to continuing this story after the trilogy that ended the war.  However, Richard Rahl is my favorite character in any book that I have ever read, so I can’t help but keep reading, anyway.

It’s still an interesting continuation.  It builds on everything that we learned about the grace, about the Rahl line, and about prophecy.  I’m not really a fan of the focus on prophecy, or about the walking dead, but everything still comes together in a pretty cool way.

I’m currently reading the sequel, the Third Kingdom.  My opinion is roughly the same.

I think that my most prevalent thoughts about this continuation is that a lot of new stuff is being added.  I love stories about magic, but I usually prefer a more minimalist view of it.  You know, more natural.  Big, complex spellforms and chanting and casting magics I tend to find incredibly over-the-top.  Richard Rahl’s magic is, by itself, very natural and instinctual.  However, the books are still filled with all of those over-the-top magics.  Some of them are cool, but towards the end of the great war the magic became more and more complex.  These continuation books actually multiply the complexity of the magic.  In some ways it is interesting, but in many ways it’s kind of overwhelming.

I love these characters, and I love this world, and I love Terry Goodkind’s methods of character development and story telling.  However, I don’t think that I would really recommend these newer books to anyone.  If you want to try them out, go for it, but the story is definitely different from the older books in the series, so be prepared for possible disappointment.


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