A to Z Challenge/Word of the Day

Starting today, I will be starting two new challenges for myself on my blog.

The first will be the A to Z challenge.  I will attempt to write every day (though, let’s face it, life with two teenage kids will most likely force me to miss a few days), and each day the new topic will start with the next letter of the Alphabet.

I got this idea from Susanna Sturgis’s blog Write Through It.  She did the A to Z challenge with a writing theme.  You may find her page here.  However, for me this is more for the fun of it and to get my blogging juices flowing, so I am going to leave it open to whatever topic I feel like writing about.

I warn you now, I have many interests!  Many of my posts are likely to be political, as well.  I am an open-minded person and welcome debate and other opinions, however I do ask that you not be rude.  I am also a perfectionist, so you are likely to find many little rants about personal peeves of mine, so be prepared, haha!

I am excited to take on this new challenge, and see where my mind goes with it!


The other challenge that I am taking on for myself is a Daily Word Challenge.  Like the A to Z challenge, I will be attempting to do this one every day.  Every morning, I will get up, open my dictionary (I know, how old school of me, I still have a dictionary book and don’t use the internet to look up my words!), close my eyes and point to a page randomly.  Whatever word I point to will be that day’s Word of the Day.

I will then attempt to use that word as often as possible that day, try and think up creative uses for it, etc.  Then, I will report how well I used that word every night on here.

Using such a random method of choosing words will obviously bring up mixed results.  I have a wide vocabulary so many of the words chosen will not be new to me, but that’s okay.  The wider idea here is to force myself to think about the use of that word.  It is meant to be a writing/creative exercise for me, as well as broaden my vocabulary even more, so there will likely be a mix of more-or-less everyday words in with less commonly used words.


Anyway, these are the two new types of posts that you will be seeing in my blog!  Don’t worry, I will still be working on my writing as well, but that usually gets done on the weekend, anyway.  These two challenges are more likely to be a weekday project.  I hope you enjoy it all!


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