My New Smart Watch

On Mother’s Day, I got a new Smart Watch.  A MyKronoz4.  And, I promised to review it later.  Well, here is how it is going so far.

I’m still a bit hit-and-miss with this watch.  I’m really not one for a lot of new technologies, and this one seems a bit superfluous, to be honest.

Still, as far as watches are concerned, I have always preferred a digital watch, since it is much faster and easier to check the face.  I like the face options that this one has.  The one that I chose shows the time and date, on a large watch face, so it makes it easier to read than a normal digital watch and shows the date very clearly, also better than a normal digital watch.  Also, since my watch is synced to my phone, I never have to worry about it going slow or having to fix the time, since it will always tell the same time as on my phone.  I wont even need to chanage it for daylight savings time or when I change time zones, as it will do all of that automatically alongside my phone.

As for some of its simpler functions, I am quite happy with it.  I am able to easily swipe the screen just like a smart phone (left, right, up, down) to access all of its features.  Then, I press a button on the side to quickly return to the main screen (time and date).  It records my steps, both in number as well as how far I have walked that day.  It also calculates how many caleries it estimates that I have lost that day, as well as the length of time that I have been active.  Plus, it allows me to set goals for those topics (10,000 steps, 5 miles, etc.), then alerts me when I have reached those goals.  I find all of this very cool.

The watch charges through the wrist band.  It’s an interesting feature, though I would have preferred if it simply used the same charger as my phone.  I have tons of phone chargers around the house and in my car, so it would’ve been easy to charge it at any time.  However, the watch only has one charger, so I either need to keep it with me and hope that I have a USB port nearby to charge it if it dies, or make sure to charge it every morning and not do anything that might kill the battery too quickly.

The battery will last about two days or so, only using the minimum features.  Answering the phone and such will use up mor battery, but still not usually enough to kill the battery before the end of the day.  Playing music, however, will kill the watch’s battery within a couple of hours.  So, if I want music, I either use my mp3 player or disconnect my watch from my phone so that I can play music from my phone but not through my watch.  Disconnecting my watch, while it does still tell the time, stops all of its other features, though, like counting steps.

Answering calls on it is cool, but not recommended for lengthy conversations.  After all, it does get tiring holding the watch up to my mouth to talk into it.  However, there is an easy solution.  I simply plug in my headphones for a lengthy conversation, and it wont interrupt my watch’s connection to my phone.

All texts are sent to my watch, easy to check without having to pull out my phone.  However, responding with lengthy text messages will require your phone.  There is no keyboard for texting, the screen if far too small for one, anyway.  There is also no speech-to-text feature, either (though I have to imagine that other, more expensive watches would include this feature).  However, there is a list of quick responses that can be used, such as “Ok”, “Busy, I’ll get back to you later”, “Thank You”, “Bye”, and other little messages.  This does make responding to a text quick and easy when necessary.  However, I have not yet managed to respond to a text from my watch successfully.  I still need to play with that particular feature.

I have not set up or tried the quick pay, yet, but I will report back once I do.

My biggest complaint is that sometimes it wont really stay connected to my phone.  If I set my phone down and walk away, it disconnects, so I always have to keep my phone on me.  If I sit for too long, it will sometimes disconnect, though it will usually reconnect once I start moving again.  It will also disconnect every night while I’m sleeping, so I have to manually reconnect it every morning.  It can be a bit of a pain sometimes.

Since it charges through the wristband, it can be difficult to get on sometimes, since it has a unique clasp that can be a bit difficult to manage.  It has has a reminder feature, like an alarm, that I have yet to get to work.

So, still playing with it, not entirely happy with it, but I am not exactly disappointed with it, either.  I think that most of it is me learning how to use this new technology, and getting used to using it on a daily basis.


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