A to Z Challenge: Anarchy

My discussion for today will be about Anarchy.

Anarchy, in my opinion, is one of the most ridiculous concepts that I have ever heard.

Anarchy is a reference to the absense of government.  The absense of law, rule, or oversight.

Such is a thing isn’t possible, and people shouldn’t waste their energy dreaming about unrealistic crap like living without rules.

Even on a molecular level, nothing in this universe is capable of surviving without rules and law.  Chaos is something that can’t possibly exist, and precisely what anarchists are trying to acheive by removing any form of power.

I can understand people being tired of a corrupt, stingy, and selfish government, I am right there with you.  However, we still can’t live as a nation without some for of government.  Even if we were as small as states or tribes (by the anthropological definition) we would still need government.  There’s simply too many people in such groups to live without law and law enforcement.  The only size group that can live without a solid form of government is a band, which is so small that they don’t need one because if you do something that the band considers wrong, literally everyone will know about it, creating constant ridicule and sometimes even banishment.

Even a band, though, without a designated government, usually has an unofficial leader and a standard set of rules that they expect for everyone to follow.  Everything in this universe must exist according to a set of rules, or it can’t exist at all.  And if there are rules, than we need someone who can enforce those rules.  With a nation of our size, that requires a governing body.

No matter what people say, though, I think that our form of government is excellent.  After ours, the best option would be parlament, but I don’t think that that would work great for us, either.  Seriously, though, on the federal level, we have three branches that work both together and against each other, as they were designed to.  The executive branch, who is the leader of all foreign affairs and the international face of our country (which just makes it sad that that face currently has a fake tan…).  The Legislative branch, which is in charge of all dometic laws and finances.  And the Judicial branch, the branch who decides what laws are fair and constitutional for everyone.  Each branch has its own special area of expertise, but can’t act independently without the others.  The exectutive branch can veto any law created by the legislative branch that it thinks is not in the best interest of the people.  The exectutive branch cannot declare war or deploy troops without the approval of congress.  And the judicial branch can only strike down unjust laws, not create them, and is the only branch chosen by the other two branches of government instead of by the people.

What’s even better is that we don’t have only a federal government.  Each state also has its own government, each with the same three branches as the federal level.  It divides the issues, then, so that people in a particualar area can decide what is best for them, which will often be different from the needs of people in different areas.  Then, that government continues breaking down to district and city level.  This creates a beautiful efficiency, I think, that makes our form of government truly wonderful.

The problem is the people.  And as much as we complain about those people, we are then ones who vote them in!  We are stuck in a system where we can’t help but vote for the person with the most money instead of the person who actually cares and wants to make a difference.  We allow for congress to be a position of both wealth and power, not usually a good combination.  When congress was first created, it was a volunteer position.  The congressmen had actual jobs and occupations, then attended congress session a few weekends a year to vote on bills.  I feel like this created more people who wanted to actually help, and because they were usually middle class they were also far more aware of the actual needs of the middle class than the rich snobs who are currently sitting on the Hill.  Then, don’t even get me started on the ignorance of the last election that led to the current president.  The problem there exists in this country’s bipartisan existence, giving virtually no voice to moderates or independents.

We have a great government, but we have allowed it to become corrupted.  We have allowed the rich to set up a system where not every candidate gets a voice, and not every vote counts.  For the most part, it is the cities that decide an election, and that is all.  And city people are busy, likely to vote for one of the biggest faces, not the guy standing in the back who only wants to help people.  We have turned government into a position that only rich or greedy people want, because it makes them wealthy and gives them a huge amount of power.  We have allowed our government to become broken.

However, broken does not mean that it needs to be trashed.  Afterall, just because a pipe breaks in your house you don’t burn the whole thing down and start anew.  No, you hire a plumber to fix it.

Well, We the People are the plumbers, and it is time that we stepped up and fixed our government.  We can’t destory it, and we certainly can’t ignore it.  People have tried ignoring the problems and, like rust, the problem only keeps getting worse.  It is time we fixed it.


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