Word of the Day: Plethora

Plethora:  an overabundance


Plethora is the word that I chose on Monday, so I have had two days in which to use it.

Unfortunately, now that I am attempting to put my Word of the Day plan into action, I am finding it very difficult to actually remember to use my new word.  Therefore, I am sorry to report that after two days, I still have not used the word even once.

Fortunately, Plethora is a word that I use semi-regularly on my own, and use it frequently in my writing, so I am not failing with using a new word.  Therefore, after two days, I will now be moving onto a new word.

However, since I have failed with using Plethora, I will still be attempting to use it today, as well as the new word.  I will let you know in my next post if I am finally successful or not.


Tomorrow’s word:  Persnickety.


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