A to Z Challenge: Babies

Babies.  Can be a super awesome blessing, right?

Well, they could also be the downfall of our race.

I mean, let’s face it.  The world is becoming overpopulated.  And we see this all the time with other animals.  What happens when any species become overpopulated?  Well, they start killing each other, don’t they?

Why is our world filled with so much hate, distrust, and murder?  Because we are overpopulated, that’s why.  Of course, there’s also that drive for power that curses our kind, but even other animals display that.  However, you can see this war on a smaller scale, too.  I ask you, where will you find more crime?  In a small town or a large city?  Obviously, the city.  Sure, one could argue that this is because there are more people in a city, but a town could go whole generations without any hurtful or hateful crimes, so it’s not a per-person kind of thing.  The problem is that there are simply too many people in a tiny area in a city, and that’s why there is so much crime against other people there.

What’s the solution?  Well, for one thing, spreading out a city over more land help a whole lot.  But, also, I would say an enforced birth control.

Yeah, guess I’m having a Chinese moment, but do you really think that that is such a bad thing?  I mean, even ignoring the overpopulation problem, how about the fact that many people shouldn’t be parents in the first place?  How about enforcing birth control on teenage girls?  I mean, we should all be able to get behind reducing the risk of teen pregnancy, right?

How about the fact that most countries in this world, including our own, is too poor to actually be able to afford to feed everyone who lives in it?  How about the fact that we are spending all of our money fighting wars (due to overpopulation), and allowing our schools to fall apart, when the increasing number of children actually demands that we spend more money on them instead?  How about the number of homeless people who live in our country?  How about the number of children born to people who don’t want them, and then filling up our orphanages?  I mean, let’s face it, an awful lot of our prisons are simply filled with people who, as children, were either abandoned or raised in an atmosphere that was incapable or nourishing their true potential.  Criminals weren’t born bad, they were made.  Maybe if we only allowed people who could actually provide for and love their children the way that children are meant to be loved, then we would have fewer criminals.  Maybe if all parents were capable of giving their children attention and boundaries, we would have fewer criminals.  Maybe if everyone was generally happier with their own childhood, then we would have fewer people searching for artificial bliss in illegal drug use.

We are overpopulated, and that is what I believe is the single largest contributing factor to the downfall of our race, to the hatred that runs through us like a plague.  Perhaps if we had fewer people around us to love, then loving will come easier.  Perhaps it is the sheer number of people that stretches our ability to care about and love others so thin.

Support enforced birth control, and save the world!!


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