Book Review: The Dragon Round

I found in the library The Dragon Round by Stephen S. Power.

Honestly, I didn’t make it very far into this book.  The concept was mildly interesting, though perhaps not wholly original.  However, the telling of the story was less than impressive.

For starters, he attempted to come up with an overly-complex structure for the story.  There’s two parts to this story.  Each part have five chapters.  Each chapter is also split into several parts.

To make things worse, he jumps between perspectives way too fast.  Like, some perspectives are only half a page long before creating a break and then changing perspectives again.  The entire battle with the dragon in the beginning of the book would have dragged a hell of a lot less if he had simply put it into one continuous chapter.  Instead, he exhausted my brain by making it jump around too much; not just from person to person, but also using the breaks within the chapter to skips minutes of the action, instead of simply using it.

Even more than that, though, is that he tries to explain way too much.

I mean, a fight with a dragon, should be thoroughly exciting, right?

Well, unless you fill the fight with “the dragon swerved left, the dragon dove, the ship turned sharply and avoided the dragon, the dragon circled back…”

Honestly, a lot of description, not a lot of action.  Not even all that much dialogue either.

Then, he tells the story in present tense, which takes a seriously skilled hand to make work, and he was not successful at it.  In the end, there were way too many passages that just came across as confusing because of it.

All in all, seems like it might be a good story, but it simply didn’t keep my attention long enough to make it through the first “chapter.”


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