Word of the Day: Calaboose

While searching for a topic for my A to Z challenge, I ran into this awkward word in the dictionary; Calaboose.

What does calaboose mean?  Well, for starters, it’s a slang word.

What is it slang for?


Now, I have never been to prison personally, though I have known several people who have.  However, not in any circle of people that I have ever spoken to on the subject have I ever heard a prison referred to as a calaboose.  It sounds like such a silly word for such a serious place that can’t help but wonder if I am completely pronouncing it wrong…

However, I checked my spelling several times, it is definitely spelled calaboose, pronounced kal-e-boos.

Well, I suppose that if you ever find yourself involved in a depressing conversation about prison (and lets face it, conversations about prisons are always depressing), start flinging around the word calaboose and I guarantee that the rest of your day will feel much lighter!


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