Book Review: Magyk

On the heels of finally finishing the Sword of Truth series, I had planned on rereading either the Percy Jackson books (I still need to read the latest Magnus Chase and Trials of Apollo books, and wanted a refresher) or the Game of Thrones series (still waiting on the sixth book, dammit!!).

While at the library with my daughter, where she was participating in a teen writing group, I had an hour to kill and perused the reading options, hoping to find some reference books that might help me with my writing.  I did find some awesome books about mythology and monsters and stuff, but I also found some other books that I decided to read; something fresh and completely new to me, since it’s been so very long since I have read anything brand new.

Magyk is the first book in Angie Sage’s Septimus Heap series.  If you enjoyed Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or the Chronicles of Narnia, then this series is right up your alley!

I finished reading Magyk in less than a week, it was just so damn good!  It kept me absorbed from page one, and introduced some really unique and creative ideas that were absolutely refreshing.  It is a kid’s book, so it’s super easy to read and really awakens the imagination.  The words and phrases that she uses are so fun and interactive it was almost impossible to put down.

It is, however, written in an omniscient PoV.  I’ve stated before that I hate such a point of view, but I now want to amend that statement.  Turns out that I don’t mind it, so long as it is truly omniscient.  The ones that really bug me are the ones that are a kind of half-assed omniscient.  Basically, if it spends any time focusing on a single character, I don’t like it.  If the book is going to go for a god-like perspective, I want it to remain in a god-like perspective, not simply focusing on whatever character the author feels like for lengthy periods of time, then jumping to another character whenever they feel like it.  Either go for Third-person limited, or Omniscient, but PLEASE don’t try to do both!


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