Superhero Kitty Analogy

What is a hero?  What is a villain?  What about the characters that are neither?

While attempting to explain these differences to my children, my husband and I came up with a scenario that will make it simple to understand.


Here is the scenario:  a cat is in the middle of the road, about to be run over by a car.


Hero:  runs into the street to save the kitty, possibly taking damage himself but being careful that no one else, the driver included, gets hurt.

Villain:  runs into the street, kills the kitty, convinces the driver that he did it and is an evil person because of it, laughs at his tears, then kills the driver.

Vigilante:  see the kitty killed by the car; kills the driver to exact justice for the ruthlessly murdered feline.

Anti-hero:  barely notices the cat or the car, continues travelling to his own destination without wasting a moment’s thought on someone else’s problems, but might be inclined to help up the person who tripped while running if helping that person might benefit them.


There we go, my rundown on how to tell the difference between the four “hero” characters.  Do you agree?


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