This is the webpage of Melissa York.

I am a fantasy writer working to make my stories more available to others.

I have two teenage children, so you can imagine that finding time to work on writing can be difficult, especially since I also have a full time job at Intermountain Lock and Security Supply.  However, I do try my hardest to ensure that I am able to keep this creative side of my life going.

My husband, Michael, and I met in 2013 (so, no, the children are not ours, but his; at this point they are mine, too, though).  We live in Denver, and while he is from here and loves it, I think that I would very much prefer to leave the city.

I have been writing since I was a kid.  I used to daydream a lot about these fantasy worlds that I created, and it was my mother’s idea for me to start writing them out.  This was a great therapy, since it allowed me to get everything out of my head and enabled me to actually pay attention to the world around me.

I hadn’t planned on attempting to get published until the last few years.  It took me some time to realize that I might actually have some skill, and longer to realize that I actually enjoy writing.  It has taken me some time to reach this point, but now I am focused on making this little dream of mine become a big reality.

Michael has great skill as an artist, but little motivation (unfortunately).  I have been trying to get him to draw more, but after a long day at work he would often prefer to relax with a good video game or movie with the kids.  This is completely understandable, of course, but such a waste of talent!

I hope you enjoy everything that I have to share with you.  I promise, I put a lot of myself in everything that I do here, so I doubt any of it would be very boring.


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