This is the webpage of Melissa and Michael York.

I am a writer, and he is an artist, so we seem to make the perfect pair, don’t you think?

Together, we have two teenage children, so you can imagine that finding time to work on writing or drawing can be difficult, especially since both of us also have full time jobs.  However, we do try our hardest to ensure that we are able to keep this creative side of our lives going.

Michael and I met in 2013 (so, no, the children are not ours, but his; at this point they are mine, too, though).  We live in Denver, and while he is from here and loves it, I think that I would very much prefer to leave the city.

I have been writing since I was a kid.  I used to daydream a lot about these fantasy worlds that I created, and it was my mother’s idea for me to start writing them out.  This was a great therapy, since it allowed me to get everything out of my head and enabled me to actually pay attention to the world around me.

I hadn’t planned on attempting to get published until the last few years.  It took me some time to realize that I might actually have some skill, and longer to realize that I actually enjoy writing.  It has taken me some time to reach this point, but now I am focused on making this little dream of mine become a big reality.

Michael has great skill as an artist, but little motivation (unfortunately).  I have been trying to get him to draw more, but after a long day at work he would often prefer to relax with a good video game or movie with the kids.  This is completely understandable, of course, but such a waste of talent!

When talking to him about wanting to make a website and have him do illustrations for my books for me, he became far more enthused and has agreed to draw out some covers and other supportive illustrations for me.  This means lots of excitement for me!

I hope you enjoy everything that we have to share with you.  I promise, we put a lot of ourselves in everything that we do here, so I doubt any of it would be very boring.


To get a more thorough look at the stories that I have been working on, please visit my webook page: